The school requires students to wear the correct uniform at all times, including while travelling to and from school and attending any school commitments on or off school campus e.g. sports tours, cultural and educational excursions.
The uniform is only available from the school uniform shop.


You are not permitted to wear make-up, nail varnish or jewellery, apart from a watch and one plain gold or silver stud or small slim sleeper in each ear.
Hair must be tidy and natural in colour.

Footwear (summer & winter options)

Black leather Roman sandals (no socks with sandals) or black leather shoes worn with plain white ankle socks. No sports shoes of any description. (This includes shoes with Logo/labels or any other similar type of footwear). Boots, track or soft shoes, canvas or suede shoes are not permitted. See below for some examples of sandals and shoes.

Year 9 and 10

Compulsory: Blazer, Blouse (short or long sleeve)
Optional: Skirt (knee length or long), Pants
AGGS PE Top; AGGS PE Shorts (optional)

Year 11

Compulsory: Blazer; Blouse (short or long sleeve)
Optional: Skirt (knee length or long), Pants

Year 12 and Year 13

Compulsory: Blazer, Senior Blouse (short or long sleeve), Tie
Optional: Skirt (knee length or long), Pants

Years 9-13

Optional extras available to are:
    • Jersey,
    • Jacket (softshell),
    • Scarf

If there are any queries for religious or cultural reasons, please put this in writing to the Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing.